Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bio poem

The heartless, jealous, loyal, and sometimes caring
The mother of Ares
The lover of Argos her favorite city, Zeus her husband, and revenge
She feels angry and jealous
She needs revenge, everyone to have good marriage and love
She fears she will lose her husband
She gives respect, help and her children the best
She would like to see that she has the right place for a queen, unconditional love and Zeus love for her
Resident of Mount Olympus
AKA the queen of heaven


  1. Hello, Hera. We seem to be working well together in respect to the Trojan War.

  2. hello Hera i hope you don't mind my child using this for her homework as it is hard for her to find information about this for her own bio poem thanks

  3. Hi Hera im doing this for a school bio poem thank u for helping

  4. hi thank you so much I'm using this for a biopoem as well for school

  5. Thank you, I was so worried because I couldn't find yo than he any of us. I finally started writing stuff down.

  6. Hello, Hera. I really need to use this for a Bio poem. I hope this doesn't anger you!

    1. sorry to be mean but she died along time ago but she is great just to let you know

  7. HERA'S FACTS AND POEMS ARE GOOD FOR ME TO DO MY PROJECT IN SCHOOL GREEK MYTHOLOGY... this is pretty fun to do thanks for all the helping out